Wednesday, 7 March 2012

For the past few weeks I have been reading various books on leadership and discipleship. The weekend of the 16th - 2th of February was like going on practical leadership training course. When leaders become servants themselves (Matt. 20:26) only than people will follow them. They will 'imitate their faith' (Hebrews 13:7). These verses were truly alive in leaders of Brunswick Baptist church in Gloucester Colin Pavitt and mission pastor Rafal Sadowski from Pulawska church in Warsaw. Pastor Colin and his wife Marcia hosted Rafal and his family. While they were enjoying each others company they have got to each other. To welcome pastor Rafal and his family everybody helped to organise International Night, which gathered 90 people including 20 Polish, who were kind to bring food and enjoyed fellowship with people they have met for the first time. The event helped Rafal to get to know church people and meet local Poles. We all had so much fun! The July, 2012 mission planning went very well and we agreed on the size of a Polish team, dates, the rock band 'Euangelion' concert at Guildhall, publicity and etc.
Indeed, the weekend demonstrated how important for church leaders to get together, share vision and begin serving our Lord Jesus Christ by being servants themselves and encouraging church to follow the example of Christ by loving people and inviting them to the table of Hope.
We are very privileged to work alongside these churches and witness God's grace and love for His people when they join His mission together.

As Christians we are told to be hospitable
'As Christians we are told to be hospitable and to open our homes to strangers. However, there is always a little apprehension when the person or in this case a family is unknown to you. However, Pastor Rafal and his family could not have been more charming. We enjoyed 4 days of great fellowship and the added blessing of hearing Rafal preach and the plans made for our summer mission. I believer that the Polish band Euangelion and the Labyrinth arriving in July is going to be a great opportunity for us to do Mission in Gloucester, to proclaim the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus.' Rev Colin Pavitt

Warm visit in UK
'On February 16-20 me and my family had visited the Brunswick Baptist Church in UK. We came to Gloucester to discuss with the pastor and church leaders as well as Rita and Vidas (missionaries from ECM) about summer missionary trip with the Labyrinth of the Polish team.
But it was not the only goal of our escapade. It was a great opportunity for us that our churches might get known each other and establish relationships. We had met a remarkable church. The church of many nations with great people. The Church, which wants to go out to the people with the Gospel.
We spent several days with Rita - a missionary from ECM and her family. Rita, Vidas and Rugile are very cool and open people. We are glad that our families became friends.
It was a warm visit and not only due to the difference of temperature between England and Poland. It was a warm visit because of the relationship we have established with pastor Colin and his wife Marcia. We were welcomed very well and had many interesting conversations with them.
Although the aircraft flying is very stressful for me I cannot wait to July when me and a group of youth from my church get the plane to the UK and together with the church in Gloucester we organise the Labyrinth. See you in July!' Pastor Rafal Sadowski

We are very thankful fpr Rafal and his family for coming over to meet Brunswick Baptist church; planning for July, 2012 mission; for all the planning time; for friendships and their openness!
We are thankful to all our partner churches for their ongoing support in prayer and encouragement.
We are thankful for our supporters, because without them all this would not happen.

with Love


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Connected with the world

I decided to have a reflective day. It is not easy to be still and as you know me,  I do not really do ‘time for myself’  thing. September was rather busy and full of excitements month. Today looked like a brilliant day for rest in the garden (shoveling gravel), reading, praying and connecting with  you! 
A little bit of explanation: you opened our letter and first thing you saw was ‘Facebook’ logo. I bet your first reaction was, ‘What the...?’ And if you had never seen Facebook...??
Many of you have seen the messages below, but some of you are not part of this amazingly useful and sometimes annoyingly ‘taking  all of your time’ interconnected world. So, I thought instead of deeeeeep reflection on what was happening in our part of the world I will copy and paste our Facebook diary messages. Some of you will trace back Lord’s steps once more and others....well, I hope you will enjoy reading this. 
1st of September, 2:41pm
September...well, tomorrow we are heading for the wedding to Leeds and .....from Monday on as Rugile will go back to school I will sit down to write a reflection on a year that passed by and what wonderful things God has done in Gloucester.
Meanwhile, we are settling  into our new home, which is absolutely gorgeous cottage type house, about a hundred years old ....we have already met almost all of our neighbours, who are very lovely. Today I chatted with a man, who is also retired and keen to make friends and chat about his family and etc.
Please, if you are in town pop in for a cup of tea!!!! We will have an open house day as soon as we unpack and tidy up around the house! However, if you really want to see us earlier just come....we are always happy to see you!
Blessings to you all!
7th of September, 11:44am
we had a very good church leaders meeting and it seems we have a big green light to start doing something amazing together!!!
12th of September, 11:45am
Hi all, there is not much news yet about what is going to happen this year, but there are things that are happening, but it is too early for the public announcement. Please, pray for wisdom and discernment, peace and joy for we are thrilled for the Lord is in action. Big Time!
Tonight we are having our ECM missionaries in Gloucester prayer meeting and of course plenty of food for us all to enjoy fellowship.
14th of September, 12:19pm
had my first Polish lesson after very relaxing summer... will I ever learn this language? I did remember some stuff, but I really need to repeat repeat and repeat again and, please, pray for me!

Facebook is a social networking site intended to connect friends, family, and business associates’. 
‘My goal is not to be popular, but to be connected, so that relationships built there can bear the weight of the Gospel’ B.McAnally.

15th of September, 8:56am
yesterday afternoon was brilliant! I met up with my Polish friend and her kids, we talked about churches, families, God and I gave her 'Realna Nadzieja' journal, which is produced in Poland and has John's Gospel in it as well as stories about people finding God in foreign lands and what difference He has made in their lives. Please, pray for my friend to come to know the power of stories for God is the director of each of them:). Thank you!
15th of September, 12:45pm
I am bursting with joy and 100% hipper! This morning I had a good skype talk with church in Poland and there are good stuff happening and hopefully, I will be able to go for the weekend in October to discuss missions.
And then I was on my way to meet another Polish lady, instead I met Pavel, who has lived here for 10 years, married to a Romanian and have a cute daughter. As he said to me, 'I am a Christian and I go to church, but sometimes I lack understanding of God and I would love to meet with you to talk about him and our relationship' and than I met Agnieszka, who is a Christian and lives near us. She is married too and has a cute son. So, they are both keen to meet up with someone for prayer and a meal, which I think we'll arrange one for next week! Oh gosh, this is so amazing and when I said that God is in action I meant it! He is here and He is with you and us! You are the most amazing support team on Facebook!!! So, guys keep praying!
26th of September, 9:13am
This week is a little bit calmer and I can reflect on the past few weeks. It seems all is falling into places and we are exited to see God at work. As much as God is working in peoples lives that we meet He is changing and shaping us too. Today Vidas is having his first lecture on Spiritual Formation at Redcliffe College. I am very proud of my husband, as you can all imagine!:) I am looking forward to hear and see more of God in his life.
On Friday we are having a Polish family for dinner to get to know each other and hopefully we'll be meeting on regular basis for meals and prayer. And of course, I continue Polish lessons on Wednesdays and having people around our place; enjoying fellowship with many strangers.... they teach us a lot about grace and love and this is the best bit of being in full time ministry! Such a blessing to have you all with us!
28th of September, 12:27pm
tonight we are having Redcliffe volunteers for Bible studies. We are studying Hebrews 2, ‘so we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it’. Sometimes it is very hard to hear His voice and sometimes His voice becomes ‘flesh’ that we could see Him at work in our lives. He is amongst us. We do not see Him or do not hear the Voice because we are too selfish and passive in our walk. We pray that each of these young people hear His voice to keep them walking forward in the steps of His Son Jesus Christ. Pray for them to grow into men and women of God! 

New home
Here are some pictures of our new home: one of the most important places in the house is a kitchen! The garden as you can see needs a lot of work and I am working on it step by step. Our bedroom is spacious and I have a working space! Rugile loves her room very much! Please, come and visit us!

Our address:67 Deans Way, Gloucester, GL1 2QA, UK                                              
ECM Britain
50 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5DB, UK
p.s. Thank you for your ongoing support! By the way, our support is coming up slowly and if you would like to join us on this remarkably rewarding journey, write to us or ECM Britain. We still need 58 people with £10 per month. Is it too much? What about as little as £5 per month? 
Blessings to you all!

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A year in ministry

You have already noticed from images in this letter that our theme is water, waves, ships and sailing... Well, just to be clear neither Vidas or me can sail, but I think the image of being on a big Ship with God is the best way to describe a year in ministry. Let us remind you what happened during the year of 2010-2011. 
  1. We have been set of for the ministry in September, 2010. 
  2. What is our ministry about? I am sure you know it, but....we are in Gloucester with the European Christian Mission working amongst the Polish community and other Eastern and Central Europeans, but also amongst the locals. Sharing God’s love with everyone who is thirsty...
  3. Our crew had grown after we approached St. James church, Brunswick Baptist Church and Pulawska church in Poland. Rita visited Pulawska church in April for two weeks, where she helped them with the Labyrinth outreach. But we cannot stop here, we are looking for more churches to join the crew. Please, tell your church about us!!!
  4. We hosted two Polish nights! 
  5. We had over 50 dinners! We have been blessed to meet people from various backgrounds and faiths. Sharing a meal with people that we knew or did not know was the most exciting adventure (more for Rita than Vidas). It is a good test of faith when someone says, ‘do you really believe in God? Why? Look, the world is a mess, where is your God?’ 
  6. From April, 2011 Rita began her Polish language studies. Ok, I am not brilliant, but I will get there!  
  7. We made friends with 4 Polish families. God has been taking Rita into a very strange waters and she met the most extraordinary people, who are open to hear God’s Word.
    8. We visited number of churches. Cambray Baptist church invited us to their prayer evening and we are looking forward to making friends with them. 
    9.We have enjoyed ECM retreat in May. We learnt more about God’s marvelous work across Europe and been encouraged by other ECM missionaries. 
    10. Rita preached, spoke at conferences and was invited to be one of the speakers at the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission consultation in November in Germany.
    11. We had visitors from Poland. Kinga is praying for her future ministry and it seems she would like to join us!!! However, this is more her will at the moment, please pray that she would receive an answer from God.
    12. We led people to the Lord. The best feeling ever!!! 
    13. We moved house, which was a true provision from God.
    14. Finally, You have joined us on the ship, helped us to raise our sails and trust in God that wherever He will take us we will have assurance of Him being the Wind, the Anchor and the Captain of the Ship. Thank you for being the best crew ever!

    The wind is strong...
    Every morning we have to raise our sails of faith and ask God for direction. By now, we know that we have enrolled into a ministry that perhaps we will not see many people joining the Ship of God.  We all would like to see people coming to God, but we should not forget that God has its own timing. What we really ought to do is not aimlessly drift with the world, or row our ship without a compass to give a direction. The results can be very disappointing: ‘Drifting will take you wherever the current of the world goes. Rowing - that is, trying to make progress by your flesh—is just as perilous, because you don’t know what the destination is or how to get there, so any rowing effort will be in vain. If you don’t let God chart your course, you can end up rowing in circles or into dangerous waters’ (Robin’s blog,  The world has drifted away from God so far that it hurts to look at it. We are the crew of God ready to take people on board and direct their paths towards the Captain.

    A year passed by and we can say that God took us through mild storms. We have seen Him in peoples lives and we were able to show people that He is the Captain of their lives. 
    Of course, we drifted away, but we got back to our compass and looked for the wind to take us back on the track. We see the land of God searching for hope and love, but we are still not able to drop the anchor for several reasons: first of all we need to raise support, secondly we need people to join us in prayer for us and with us and also be part of us not only in word, but in deed too. Come on, let God surprise you, let Him raise your sails!

    Financial Support!!!!!!

    When are we going to drop the anchor and start our ministry in full capacity? Our dear fellow sailors without you we are not able to reach the land! The anchor is still very high up and is not even touching waves.... Now, how much do we still need? We still short about £600! You might think is a lot, but what if you give us £10 per month? Will you help us to reach the shore for people are waiting to hear the Message?  If yes, please join us on the ship that is sailing towards the people in need of God’s Word, love, grace and without your support they will never hear the Good News. 

    Pray with us:

    There are several things that we would like you to pray for:
    1. pray for our financial support. Please, join us with little as £10 per month!
    2. pray for our new neighbours and us settling into new home.
    3. pray for Rita preparing for the November consultation, which is a quite challenge for her.
    4. pray for developing friendships with the Polish families. 
    5. pray for Rita’s attempt to learn Polish, which is very rusty.
    6. pray for Rugile. She is in Y5 and looking forward to a new adventure. Pray for her friendship with Maria, a Polish girl that they have been friends since reception. 
    7. pray for Vidas work, as he is the main supporter of this ministry and we need him to be healthy and happy. 

    Thank you very much for being part of us and taking time to read our newsletters, pray for us and encourage us. Please, do not be shy to join our crew by giving and releasing us to full time ministry.
    May God bless you!
     In the land of England (original text: Zebulum and of Naphtali), beside the sea, beyond the Severn River (the Jordan River) - in Gloucester (Galilee) where so many nations (Gentiles) live - the people who sat in darkness have seen a great light. And for those who lived in the land where the death casts its shadow, a light has shined (Matthew 4:15-16).

    for Sailing with the Rimkai family

    67 Deans Way
    GL1 2QA, UK
    Mobile: Vidas 07896300189

    ECm Britain, 50 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5DB,

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    Monday, 1 August 2011

    How kind the Lord is! How good he is! So merciful this God of ours! Psalm 116:5

    I will put a new Spirit...
    I watched Neringa growing from a child to a teenager and then to a young adult. Through all these years I have seen her in different stages of life. She was happy, unhappy, lost and very lonely soul. Sometimes I tried to talk to her and all I have got in return was sobbing... 
    We moved to Redcliffe and she came to visit us. She saw her brother in a different light. We had a chat about God and how He can change us....but this is how far we got...
    After 2 years she came back as a volunteer. This is the moment you were waiting for....After a week she came to me. She said that she watched us over the years and decided that she would like to have life just like ours. Well, ‘there is a way’ I said. I listed all sorts of horrible stuff that can happen to a follower of Christ and asked her if she was ready for such sacrifices (I guess we are never really ready, but..). There was silence for a while and then she said, ‘yes’. We prayed together. 
    The journey begins here... and you are part of this journey!

    A guest from Poland
    I met Kinga on the cold February afternoon. On the way to our house she told me her story. My heart leaped from excitement. A young girl comes to England to search for ‘something different’ and....the most exciting part of her quest is meeting the Lord. 
    A week ago she has visited us again. It was wonderful to see how much she has grown in the knowledge of God, how mature and brave she was to stand up for the truth of God back at home. 
     She is an encouragement to us! I would really like to hear God saying to her, ‘Go and join Rita and Vidas in Gloucester’.  Well, who knows He might do that or not, but this is one of those stories when people leave their homeland to find ‘something different’ - they find God. He is waiting for us no matter where we are and how far we travel. He is on every road patiently waiting for travelers to hear His voice...
    There is a short story to our big move... our old forgotten friend, that I bumped into from time to time at Redcliffe saw our little, but very flexible house... We had lots of people for dinners and lunches, BBQ’s and trampoline jumping competitions, girly nights and boys games nights, prayer and Bible studies nights... it was such a blessing! But one day, we had about 15 people in our dining room. That night I prayed for God to provide us with a bigger house. Did I believe in having us more spacious house? Not really, yeah sometimes...but not wholeheartedly. Anyway, when my friend saw our house she offered us to rent her house, which has more space...and all the things that I listed in my prayers and even more. 
    God is preparing us for something very exciting! We believe very much that our house will be a blessing to our new neighbours and travelers that come from far away to find ‘something different’, but find God in waiting for them to rest their feet and wipe their tears at the doorstep of others... 
    Thank you for being part of this journey! 

    Please, pray for our support! We need only 60 people with £10 per month! If you would like to join us on this wonderful journey, please contact us or ECM Britain.

    Rita and Vidas Rimkai                                                           
    8 Casey Close, GL1 3QP
    from the 1st of September
    67 Deans Way, GL1 2QA

    European Christian Mission,
    FREEPOST NH-4573
    50 Billing Road
    NN1 5BR

    Saturday, 4 June 2011

    Us again...

    A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted.’ James T. Kirk
    Here is another qoute by an American writer and economist, Thomas Sowell, ‘People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything’. Love it!
    I thought I will begin our newsletter by scrolling down google pages on ‘meeting’ qoutes. Although, these quotes are taken from the business world, I do agree with them to a certain degree. Of course, I do not wish our ministry to sound dull and boring. The reason I chose to talk about the concept of a meeting, because everything starts from it. 
    Only the room that has been soaked with the smell of coffee, men arguing and sharing ideas sign contracts and move on to another stage - action. The trophy of such meetings have to be the Success.
    So, what about our meetings? What kind of success do we expect from discussions about the Kingdom of God? How can we be active participants in God’s mission? When we meet with church leaders we end up going to other churches to share our vision. We are encouraged by our partner churches active participation in our ministry, but sometimes we wish things will move faster (Rita’s character gets on the way) and other times we want to slow down. After all, meetings are our way of worshiping God for what He has done and going to do. 
    Of course, there are different types of meetings and they are not all require to take notes. These meetings have a different name - friendship. Most of the meetings we attend are about making friends with those who are searching for deeper meaning of life. Such meetings are the most precious!
    When we meet with our Polish friends we listen a lot trying to discern when is the right time to speak the words of Grace that are so eager to come out of our mouths. And there is a meeting with God who is always the Chairman of the meeting, we take notes and hours are never wasted. 
    Here is a short summary of our future meetings that we are sure will bring people to serve the Lord alongside us, please pray for us and people attending these meetings: 
    8th of June we will be sharing our vision at Churches Together at St. Peters Catholic Church; 
    16th of June we will be making new friends at Cambray Baptist church in Cheltenham; 
    15th of July we will share a night with Gloucester Christian Choir at St. James church (we will send posters around when they are ready);
    every Wednesday I have a Polish lesson, which is always an amazing time and good fun, but it is not easy!
    meeting with a Polish family, our friendship is always around the children, but we noticed that parents are opening up to us; 
    amazing changes are happening with another Polish couple and we see God’s hand in their lives; 
    Such are the meetings with different groups of people, whether they are church leaders or our friends, we do see God at work in each of their lives. 
    I have been thinking a lot about when I am going to begin my studies at Redcliffe. Unfortunately, it will need to wait until our financial support will reach substantial level. So, please pray that God would bring people alongside us. Otherwise, I am doing well, working at Redcliffe and enjoying a teenage club on Thursdays at our church. Discipline is not my strongest point. As a result, I do struggle to meet up with Father. 

    Once again I failed! You know how it feels.... I did not pass my entry exam for the TESOL course. Well, it did saddened me, but on the other hand I thought God is amazing. He does not allow me to do more then I can since I must be learning Polish, preparing for meetings and presentations, preaching, hosting people and preparing a reflection for the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission global leaders consultation in November. 
    Rugile is enjoying school, but most of all she loves spending time with her best friend Maria. Maria is Polish. So, Rugile is definitely on the mission field. 
    In the previous letter I mentioned that Rugile had to see a doctor concerning her left ear. The doctor decided that she will need to   visit him every half a year until further notice. Keep it dry and no swimming! Rugile is not very happy about it. Please, keep praying for Rugile.

    Prayer time:
    Please, pray for our financial support. It is going up, but slowly, however, we have been encouraged by people’s faith to come alongside us when they have very little. Thank you! 
    We have got new supporters who found out about us from ECM website and the Europe’s Millions magazine. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!
    Please, pray for all those meetings and presentations. We believe that it will open up doors for people to see the need for mission in their home city. 
    JUNE is our prayer month for our supporters! Please, send our prayer requests that we could serve you by praying for you. 
    Pray for my preparation for the global mission leaders consultation in Germany. This is an amazing opportunity for me to learn about God’s mission across the globe, but also to share my own passion for Christ. 
    Pray for Rugile’s faith. She has been asking lots of questions and loves to pray for her friends and people around the world. 
    Pray for our spiritual lives
    Pray for our partner churches  St. James, Brunswick Baptist church, Pulawska church in Poland and our sending church Kendal Road Baptist church.
    Thank you for praying and keeping up with us. 

    Monday, 25 April 2011

    Pulawska, Warsaw

    Gość w dom, Bóg w dom

    As soon as the Polish night ended I packed and headed for London Luton airport. In a few hours I landed in the cold and wet Warsaw. I was met by Lukasz Bajenski and his lovely family who took me to Pulawska church where my adventure began the very next morning. (By the way,  I am trying to keep our updates short, therefore I will not talk much about people or church size, but will focus on the outreach and possibilities for mission without borders). 
    When I arrived they had began the Labyrinth, which is an evangelistic tool that has been used in this church for years and it proved to be very affective. Many people came to church through the Labyrinth, which takes you on a journey of life, God, creation and your place in God’s kingdom by using media.  I have met people not only from Poland, but also from England, Singapore, India and North America, who have been deeply touched by the simple, but affective media coordinated way of telling the story of God’s creation and purpose of our lives. 
    Sunday service with pastor Zbigniew Tarkowski
    At the end of the second week I had a meeting with three church leaders to discuss future possibilities.  The church leaders expressed their interest in working in partnership with churches in Gloucester.  
    Pastor Zbigniew Tarkowski wrote a letter to Kendal Road Baptist Church, St. James and Brunswick Baptist church inviting them to partner and seek ways of reaching out to Polish people in Gloucester together.  At this point I thanked Lord for taking me so far and answering to our prayers for Polish church in Poland to begin thinking about cross-cultural missions.  Pulawska church has raised people of faith that seek God’s will.  
    On the way back to England when I had time to reflect and think of the last two weeks. I thought about the meaning of ‘Global Church’ that we often claim of being part of it. We often fail to act like one for many different reasons. Churches in the central and eastern Europe have been receiving missionaries and help for years. It is time for them to think about giving and learning more about God’s Kingdom by working with western churches as equal partners in God’s mission.  Where perhaps western churches will be open receivers than givers.  We inviting you to pray for these churches to seek God’s will and to be open to new opportunities.

    Here are some photos from Pulawska church where God is so real in peoples lives and worship. 
    Ewa became my Polish mum
    Sunday school
    Rafal is a pastor at Pulawska and coordinator of the Labyrinth
    The Labyrinth reception
    Behind the scenes of the Labyrinth
    Michael from India is studying PhD in business and Mariusz coordinator of the Labyrinth
    House group
    Gość w dom, Bóg w dom (A guest in the house, God in the house) Polish people are extremely hospitable! I had so much food that I thought I will explode.  As the Polish saying says, ‘A guest in the house, God in the house’ and they truly made me feel very special by constantly feeding me.
    Reunion with former Redcliffe volunteers
    at the Labyrinth
    50+ club, I had a chance to talk about our vision and read Polish Bible!
    The Labyrinth walls have been rolled up around the polls for the Sunday service.
    one of the Labyrinth chambers

    Labyrinth reception is always busy
    pastor Zbigniew

    Pulawska church has over 500 members and is growing! They have planted two more churches. The North church has over 700 members and two month old new plant church has 200 people and growing!!! I had a wonderful time at Pulawska church and visited other two. Here are some photos.

    Thank you for your prayers!!!

    Rita and Vidas

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